Erin Whitney

writer, photographer, content creator

There are so many beautiful, interesting, and intriguing aspects to the world. A curiosity about people led me to study Anthropology, English, and Museology. My professional career has primarily been situated in museums, art collections, and libraries, but I hope to also expand into creative work, including writing and photography. I make ASMR videos for fun.

Culture inspires me. Why do people do what they do? What are the products of living? Food, fashion, art, design and pop culture are just a few ways to learn about people. I love slice-of-life moments and social ritual.

Aesthetics and sensory experiences give me life. An interesting shape or color palette will induce me to wear it, photograph it, or arrange it. The artifacts of this world can supply pleasure.

I want to be transported to other worlds. I consume media that pushes me to think beyond the quotidian, especially science fiction, videogames, and podcasts.