Erin Whitney

writer, photographer, social content creator

There are so many beautiful, interesting, and intriguing things in the world. A hunger to learn about culture and society led me to study Anthropology, English, and Museology, with a focus on contemporary art collections. My professional career has primarily been situated in museums, art collections, and libraries, but I hope to also expand into creative work, using my cultivated eye and creative skills.

I need to discover, learn, write and post about a variety of topics. Costume and fashion history fascinates me, as do cultural food-ways, architecture, craft, and design. I love to get a slice-of-life view of humanity and its rituals and understand it within a larger context.

Aesthetics and sensory experiences are very important to me. An interesting shape or color palette will inspire me to wear it, photograph it, or collect it. I love experiencing new tastes, textures, and sounds.

I want to be transported to other worlds. I devour books, especially contemporary fiction, science fiction, fantasy and graphic novels. Currently I'm very into video games and podcasts.





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