An Accident

Yesterday my friend Jessica and I got in a car accident on the way back from the Bella Luna spa in Lynwood, Washington; it was a late birthday present from her. It was a perfect day in that we saw who we really were, both in body and action. I was proud of the way I was able to bare all while bathing, happiest somehow when naked. There’s something about being naked in front of both close friends and strangers, especially in the women-only spa. All of the sudden everyone was stripped of pretense; we no longer needed to perform for the eyes of men. We were free to be, bare, clean, relaxed.

There were rooms full of heat and crystals; there was one snow room.

When we rear-ended the car getting onto the freeway, it seemed like we were gently floating toward the collision. I calmly placed my hand on the dashboard. It was over quickly and I wasn’t worried; my body felt painless. The subsequent two hours of standing in the cold and rain were far more painful, but I felt stoic enough.

Later in the night my body ached. I was worried after all; the phone nurse told me to go to the doctor the next day, as there was no telling how badly I was actually hurt. My partner came over to comfort me; he held me while the wind blasted the windows all around us. I cradled a pillow between my knees to ease the pain in my back.

Today felt surreal, like I sloshed my brain around in its shell and something wasn’t quite right. I left work early and visited a nearby Urgent Care facility to confirm that I was just rattled, but my back hurt still and everything seemed surreal. I went home and ate some pain killers and now feel okay.

I mostly just spent the day worrying and cleaning my apartment and aching and noticing the different shades of gray outside, blurred by the haze of the warmish day. Baby's first car accident.